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Know Your Coat

When out to buy a coat, one thinks what kind of coat will suit me! This is a very valid question that comes to mind, we also have received this query many times on our online store helpline. So, here we are helping you out to buy the right coat that will look on you.

Here are the basics. Whatever coat you think of buying be it the Nehru coat, the hunting coat, the waistcoat or any suit for that matter, when getting it stitched the coat should be the one that snugs your body. The shoulders matter a lot when you wear a coat. The coat should finely squarely fit on your shoulders. The fitting on the shoulders makes all the difference. If the shoulders are drooling, it looks like you have worn someone else’s coat and not yours.

After the shoulders, the fit from the chest and waist makes the difference. Depending on the coat the fall of the coat may change but the basic point is that when worn it should not look like it is not yours. Remember, all the coat styles are not for everyone. There are coat designs that may suit some and may not suit others. So, find your style.

Another important thing that you should remember is the weather. Keep in mind the season for which you are getting your coat designed. If you are wearing it in summers then you need not keep any margin, but if you are buying a coat for winters, remember the layers that you will be wearing underneath. Keep that much margin, have room for a sweater that you may like to wear if too cold.

After brushing your knowledge now, it is time that you pick one coat for self. Come shop for the different kind of coats from Bharat Plaza.