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Salwar Kameez

Designer Salwar Kameez the next traditional dress worn by Indian women which nowadays taken a big stylish fashion era for the Women of the world. Salwar Kameez is Perfect Indian Ethnic Clothing for women.

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  • Off White Georgette Kameez

    Off White Georgette Kameez

    Rs. 5,850.00
    Code: SLLI1633A
  • Fantastic Cotsilk Kameez

    Fantastic Cotsilk Kameez

    Rs. 6,290.00
    Code: SLLI1634
  • Delightful Party Wear Kameez

    Delightful Party Wear Kameez

    Rs. 4,990.00
    Code: SLLI1632A
  • Radiant Net Anarkali Kameez

    Radiant Net Anarkali Kameez

    Rs. 11,290.00
    Code: SLLI1635A
  • Beauteous Cotsilk Kameez

    Beauteous Cotsilk Kameez

    Rs. 3,990.00
    Code: SLLI1624A
  • Innovative Yellow Churidar Suit

    Innovative Yellow Churidar Suit

    Rs. 5,390.00
    Code: SLLI1628A
  • Yellow & Grey Cotsilk Kameez

    Yellow & Grey Cotsilk Kameez

    Rs. 4,550.00
    Code: SLLI1631B
  • Admirable Off White Kameez

    Admirable Off White Kameez

    Rs. 6,150.00
    Code: SLLI1622
  • Pastel Green Designer Suit

    Pastel Green Designer Suit

    Rs. 5,390.00
    Code: SLLI1626A
  • Remarkable Light Orange Kameez

    Remarkable Light Orange Kameez

    Rs. 4,790.00
    Code: SLLI1630A
  • Charming Look Yellow Suit

    Charming Look Yellow Suit

    Rs. 6,590.00
    Code: SLLI1625A
  • Rosy Pink Georgette Kameez

    Rosy Pink Georgette Kameez

    Rs. 6,790.00
    Code: SLLI1629A
  • Impressive Beige Kameez

    Impressive Beige Kameez

    Rs. 48,990.00
    Code: SLLI1623A
  • Pleasing Festive Churidar Suit

    Pleasing Festive Churidar Suit

    Rs. 5,390.00
    Code: SLLI1627A
  • Graceful Shaded Long Kameez

    Graceful Shaded Long Kameez

    Rs. 4,550.00
    Code: SLLI1631A
  • Exclusive Georgette Kameez

    Exclusive Georgette Kameez

    Rs. 6,590.00
    Code: SLLI1625B

Items 1 to 16 of 1053 total

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  • Thanks so much. i got my parcel. the outfits were outstanding, so so beautiful. thank so much.

    Monika Sen, , Fiji,
  • Thanks very much. We have just received the last order this afternoon. We really appreciate your service and gesture. All the clothes are amazing. The
    Ratinesh Lal, New South Wales, Australia, 2564
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