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Saree is a traditional drape in India which is worn by a woman on all occassions. Indian women wear Saris to flaunt their style on different occassions like Wedding, Engagement, Sangeet, Parties. Saree is also used to wear for casual occassions and as office dressing. We have huge collection of Sarees online on our web store. You can buy a Sari of your choice in any style, design, pattern, colors and fabrics. An Indian Bride look sophisticated and elegant in a Wedding Saree. Be fashionable by draping a Indian designer Saree from our exclusive collection. We have customers from many countries in abroad including USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Fiji, Mauritius and many more...

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  • Pleasing Half & Half Saree

    Pleasing Half & Half Saree

    Rs. 2,790.00
    Code: SNG9001
  • Dusty Blue & Beige Saree

    Dusty Blue & Beige Saree

    Rs. 2,990.00
    Code: SNG9002
  • Admirable Party Wear Saree

    Admirable Party Wear Saree

    Rs. 3,750.00
    Code: SNG9003
  • Mesmerizing Lavender Saree

    Mesmerizing Lavender Saree

    Rs. 3,730.00
    Code: SNG9004
  • Delightful Half Pattern Saree

    Delightful Half Pattern Saree

    Rs. 2,950.00
    Code: SNG9005
  • Graceful Chiffon Saree

    Graceful Chiffon Saree

    Rs. 3,950.00
    Code: SNG9006
  • Half Pattern Sangeet Saree

    Half Pattern Sangeet Saree

    Rs. 3,790.00
    Code: SNG9007
  • Navy Blue & Yellow Designer Saree

    Navy Blue & Yellow Designer Saree

    Rs. 2,550.00
    Code: SNG9008
  • Radiant Designer Saree

    Radiant Designer Saree

    Rs. 3,970.00
    Code: SNG9009
  • Remarkable Pastel Green Saree

    Remarkable Pastel Green Saree

    Rs. 4,330.00
    Code: SNG9010
  • Wonderful Red & Black Saree

    Wonderful Red & Black Saree

    Rs. 2,310.00
    Code: SNG9011
  • Outstanding Festive Saree

    Outstanding Festive Saree

    Rs. 3,970.00
    Code: SNG9012
  • Competent Half Pattern Saree

    Competent Half Pattern Saree

    Rs. 3,790.00
    Code: SNG9013
  • Exclusive Party Wear Saree

    Exclusive Party Wear Saree

    Rs. 3,550.00
    Code: SNG9014
  • Vivacious Half & Half Saree

    Vivacious Half & Half Saree

    Rs. 4,310.00
    Code: SNG9015
  • Beauteous Designer Saree

    Beauteous Designer Saree

    Rs. 4,310.00
    Code: SNG9016

Items 1 to 16 of 6894 total

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  • Thanks so much I have received my saree today. Outfit is really outstanding. Delivery was really quick. I will definitely order again.!!!!!! Thanks

    Ranjila Mishra, California, United States, 94061
  • Thanks I received both sarees it is lovely. I will do shopping again in your website. Regards, Nimmi Siva
    Nirmala Sivasithamparam, Surrey, United Kingdom (G
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