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Ankle Bracelets

Ankle bracelet is an ornament worn around the ankle. Ankle-bracelets, more popularly known as anklets, are one of the several pieces of jewelry that the Indian woman uses to adorn herself with. There used to be a time when not much variety of anklets was available. Most women who wore them had to settle for the thin silver-made anklets, or payals. But the past few years have witnessed a sudden ups urge in the demand for ankle bracelets, among other authentic Indian jewelry. The urban Indian woman is no longer wary of teaming up ankle bracelets with long skirts, jeans, Capri’s and even trousers.

Also, it is almost as if the average college going or working woman is inundated with choices as far as anklets are concerned. While some prefer pearl ankle bracelets, others settle for anklets in the form of colored beads strung along black, relatively thick threads. Some have a liking for gold- plated ankle-pieces; others are seen wearing anklets made of black metal. Authentic and fake platinum ankle bracelets are also quite popular amongst the college going crowd. One can also spot girls who proudly flaunt their rather eccentric choices in anklets. Some girls have been spotted wearing anklets of the shape of a snake; while some choose ankle bracelets made of one-rupee coins! One can transform simple apparel to that of an intriguing beauty by wearing these charismatic pieces of jewelry. These beautiful latest ankle bracelets simmering with beauty are available in a wide range.