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Antique Gold Jewelry

Antique gold jewellery -- the contemporary expression of the exquisite art that has adorned beauties across the world through the ages.Indian culture and tradition lives on in the shape of fine Jewellery inspired by the gharanas of that era. Indian gold jewellery not only depicts the rich culture and the craftsmanship of that time but also stands testimony to that Golden Age. The fashion and charm of Gold jewelry cannot be denied. It is well said that gold is the major weakness of a woman. She loves to wear and collect gold jewelry as she loves to beautify herself. The very nice and antique style gold jewelry for those who dare to look unique, dynamic and graceful.

Antique jewellery touches our hearts and souls with its timeless beauty. There's something magical about jewelry from another era with its own story to tell. These cherished pieces glow with a soft patina that only comes from being worn and loved. The legacy of antique jewellery adds an interesting perspective to our history and culture. Passion, romance, beauty and artistry play important roles in the story. Indian tradition involves passing Gold jewellery over generations.

It has been used for religious to social or purely aesthetic purposes. Antique Gold jewelry has always been first choice for the woman. Since ages it has been considered the best way to invest money. Gold, in every form, is every bride's favorite as it adds an extra sparkle to her trousseau. Antique gold jewellery has brought back the beauty of filigree, meenakari, kundan work, plate and wire work of eastern India. This is further embellished by a sprinkle of polki (uncut diamonds) and strategic placement of other precious and semi-precious stones. Those pieces of antique jewelry that are extremely rare are usually sold at auctions, in antique stores and curio shops. It is this rarity of antique jewelry that makes it so appealing. An antique gold ornament comes in different styles depicting ones culture and tradition. The collection consists of beautiful gold sets, matha pattii, nose rings and many more which can enhance your beauty in an elegant way.