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Baluchari Sarees

Silk weaving of Baluchar continues to be an important landmark of Bengal's handloom tradition. The most well-known Bengal Silk sari, which carries its legendary name, is the Baluchari sari - a product of exquisite design and fabulous weaving technique. Produced in the town of Baluchar in Murshidabad district of West Bengal, Baluchari sarees are nation and world wide popular because of their artistic and unique design. 'Baluchari' is one of the most popular weaving techniques of Bengal. Baluchari sarees are woven in Bengal silks which are much acclaimed in the world over, since ancient times. Like silk, cotton baluchari sarees are also woven in a fascinating and exquisite range. The cloth is very fine and transparent with a soft drape. Murshidabad in West Bengal is the home of the famous Baluchari silk sarees.

Inspired from Jamdanis of Dhaka, these figured silk sarees have large floral designs combined with those of flowering shrubs and the Kalka design (cone design) on these sarees is often surrounded with floral borders. The most popular colors used are red, blue, yellow, green and scarlet. They depict the sun, moon and stars in their patterns. Phases of the moon, radiant rim of the sun are some of the common patterns. Baluchari Saree, developed some two hundred years ago, use palette of dark red, yellow, green, purple, chocolate, cream, white and blue. The border of baluchari saris contains repeating pictorial themes. Balucheri sarees from Bengal is usually five yards in length and 42” wide in flame red, purple and occasionally in deep blue. The field of the saree is covered with small butis and a beautiful floral design runs across the edges. The anchal has the main decoration depicting narrative motifs. Tangles and kanthas are other specialty items from Bengal. Bharatplaza is one of the biggest saree shop of which gives you the latest range from the baluchari sarees for online.