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Beaded Bracelet

Bracelets are ornamental bands or chains encircling the wrist or arm. Today, fashion is taking its cue and creating attractive fashion jewelry especially bracelets that bring about delicate feminine elegance. Versatile to suit different tastes of women of all classes and age groups, bracelets are made by the traditional craftsmen, who have inherited craftsmanship from their previous generations, making each bracelet, exquisite and unique. Beaded bracelets are a common fashion accessory and have been used as such for thousands of years. As the materials used to make beads have evolved, beaded bracelets have changed in their value and appearance. There is still a popular trend towards replicating beaded bracelets of the past and buying and selling traditionally produced beaded bracelets online. History: Beaded bracelets have been found in remains of all cultures. For example, Ancient Egyptian beaded bracelets were discovered on both arms of Tutankhamen’s mummy. These were made from gold, glass, wood and other materials. Beaded bracelets have also been extremely important in the history of American Indians. Prehistoric Indians mined turquoise in southwestern America and used shells to create beaded bracelets. Types: Types of beaded bracelets range according to the culture of origin. Native American beaded bracelets will reflect colors and designs significant to each tribe or individual that it was created for. For example, when a bead features a bear claw it symbolizes a hunter's power. Religious beaded bracelets also exist in all religions. For example, each bead in rosary bracelets symbolizes a prayer. Today there are many types of handmade beaded bracelets sold over the internet, including friendship beaded bracelets, wooden beaded bracelets, precious beaded bracelets and more.