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Bracelets are one of the most popular accessories worn by people of all age groups around the wrist. Men, women, children wear bracelets. Usage of bracelets is many and varied, from simple ornamental purposes to guarding against evil eye, bracelets in the form of Rakhis and Friendship band serve as a bond of love and blessing. Bracelets are worn on the wrist and undoubtedly it makes a persons hand look very elegant and beautiful. And bracelets indeed prove to be nostalgic if gifted by near and dear ones. Designs of bracelets keep changing from time to time. Diamond and Gold bracelets are mainly worn by women while oxidized bracelets are worn by college going students. Ruby, emerald and bracelets with precious stones embedded on it give it a very ethnic look. And due to its ethnicity, bracelets have today become one of the most valuable possessions. Many Bollywood celebrities wear different style of bracelets. These days the sizes of bracelets also vary to a large extent. Some are sleek while others are big and broad.

Often youngsters wear big bracelets with trousers and jeans while with sarees and suits most people prefer to wear sleek bracelets. Indian bracelet jewelry is clearly the flavor of choice in the West and also the designer choice from the World's hottest jewelry designers. You might have seen these amazing jewels worn by the leading Indian actresses in Hindi Bollywood movies too. Material Used in Bracelets are- Leather Bracelet: Leather Bracelet is available in hip and unconventional designs, especially for the fashionable youth. There are different types of leather used to make bracelets. The leather bracelets are finely finished. Some Leather bracelets are studded with beads and stones. Embroidered leather bracelets are also very popular. Metal Bracelet: Various types of metal like stainless steel, white metal, black metal, sterling silver are used to make metal bracelets. Metal bracelets are durable and available in various designs. These bracelets are intricately carved and are studded with pearls and any other colored stones. Some are available in plain, simple designs but still look very fashionable. Lac Bracelets: Lac Bracelets or wax filled bracelets are popular decorative ornaments.

Lac jewellery is native to India and used to make various types of jewellery. A lac bracelet is made using ancient methods and involves filling lac or wax in hollow silver foil piece. These are usually intricately carved to depict the excellent workmanship of Indian artisans. Glass Bracelets: Glass bracelets are very fashionable. Glass bracelets are usually preferred to be worn in casual occasions. These are available in various colors and shapes. The unique style of trendy glass bracelets as costume jewellery has always remained fresh and timeless. Plastic Bracelets: Plastic Bracelets belong to the inexpensive category of costume jewellery but very popular and fashionable. Plastic bracelets can be molded, inlayed or studded with semi-precious stones and beads etc. for an enhanced appeal. Plastic Bracelets belong to the inexpensive category of costume jewellery but very popular and fashionable. Shell Bracelets: Shell bracelets give a very unique kind of appearance to the wearer. Whether combined with sterling silver or fierce gold or made entirely of shell, the shell bracelet has an elegant appeal. The shell bracelet goes well with almost all fashion trends. Wooden Bracelets: A bracelet made of wood is renowned for its elegant and natural looks. Different textures of wood are artistically used to carve out a wide range of exquisite bracelets in myriad designs and patterns.

Wooden bracelets look stunning with various finishes that bring about an appealing look. Bone Bracelets: Bones have been used to create beautiful bracelets. Bone bracelets were originally tribal adornments. The bone bracelet is sure to enhance the personal style of the wearer. Made artistically from bone, this bracelet encompasses contemporary as well as traditional designs. Being a major hit among the college going students, the bracelets made of bone are highly sought after. Stone Bracelets: Stone bracelets are highly demanded in the fashion market. The stones are available in various shapes, sizes and colors. The wide arrays of designs available in stone bracelets make these bracelets very fashionable and a popular form of costume jewellery meant for both formal and informal occasions. Terracotta Bracelets: A waterproof ceramic, terracotta is widely used today to make different types of jewellery. Terracotta bracelets are very popular among the fashionable youths. The natural, brownish orange color of the terracotta bracelet gives a unique look to the wearer. The terracotta bracelets with hand painted images over them are highly sought after. Jute Bracelets: Jute Bracelets are always available in new and innovative designs to attract youth and the fashion-conscious divas. Most of them are made using rare, exquisite colored stones studded in jute to give a distinct look to anyone who wears it. Ivory Bracelets: Ivory Bracelets are exclusive pieces of jewellery, finely carved out of ivory. These bracelets are simply adorable and very popular among women of all age groups. The exporters and manufacturers have, of late, discovered the vast potential of ivory bracelets as a highly sought after component of fashion jewelry collection.