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Nothing add more to a skirt, dress or a pair of shorts that a pair of perfect anklets. Thus we can say that anklets form a significant part of our foot accessories. These days different types of anklets like gold, sterling silver, magnetic and diamond anklets are available in all possible shops. Also anklets that are stylish and fashionable can be a great fashion accessory. However gold anklets and sterling silver anklets worn in summer and spring look attractive. But anklets look stunning when worn below the bone and that to with backless sandals. Initially anklets were simple and were limited to just a string. Lately innumerable designs are available in the market. Some are very thick while others have odd designs like moon, fish and stars on it. But the main point is that anklets add grace, delicacy and style in a woman.

Also the present standing customer does have an eye for beauty. And women indeed love to dress up and decorate themselves in all possible accessories and jewelry. Thus women of every age are attracted to a wide array of style and elegance that is attached to anklets. And that is the reason why the market has today been exploded with a demand for unique anklets..... Types: The anklets have always enhanced the dainty & feminine side with elegance. There are varied types of materials used for defining the shape of anklets available in traditional and chunky designing. Such as : * Sterling Silver Anklet * Shells Anklet * Plastic Anklet * Wooden Anklet * Stone Anklet * Bone Anklet * Glass Anklet * Jute Anklet * Ivory Anklet