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Buy Lehenga Tips

Considering the importance of this garment, one should keep in mind various factors while purchasing it. Available in different colors, fabrics and designs, they are suitable for all age women. Beautifully covered in the lehenga, with the matching jewellery and other accessories, the women of India looks like sunshine. Lehenga adds flavor to the simplicity and the shyness of Indian women. This outfit is among the most popular attire during wedding and other festive. This dress is so famous that you would see even the little angels running here and there in this outfit. Considering the importance of this garment, one should keep in mind various factors while purchasing it. You may buy lehenga tips for free which would be of great help while actually opting for one. Some of the important factors that one should consider while purchasing a lehenga choli are- the body type of the wearer, the occasion, fabric and the season. While considering the body type, the factors to be kept in mind includes the preference of the buyer, their body shapes, height and the complexion. If you have a good figure then you are a lucky one. Try some slim fit outfit that will give you an exotic look. Also, you may try some sexy looking choli. Check out for off shoulder, one shoulder or deep necked blouse that would complement your body texture. If you are busty then be a bit considerate about your choice of lehenga. Wear lehenga with flat embroidery rather then the raised one to avoid looking bustier. For a broad body type fabrics in georgette and crepe would be the right choice as it gives a slimmer look and feel. Color of the lehenga can also do wonders for you, so go for the right color that show off your skin to advantage. Second tip while purchasing is that the buyer should pick a lehenga as per the occasion. If you are a bride then go for one of the most elegantly designed lehenga choli with heavy embroidery. The wedding day is the most memorable moment for the bride and the groom, so don’t be too haste while deciding on an outfit. Take your time, compare the best designer wears and then make your choice. Try purchasing something in red or similar color as this color symbolizes the Indian wedding tradition. If you are looking for a lehenga to be worn during the festival then you may buy a dress with little embroidery and in some exciting colors like blue, yellow, orange and many more. Buying a lehenga according to the figure: Petite: You are lucky to be in a position to take full advantage of experimenting with a variety of styles be it with the lehenga and the choli. And with the current trend of showing skin, don’t be shy to show off your midriff. You can opt for the eternal demure feel with a flounce in your lehenga or carry off a slim fit one with equal ease. Your choice of fabrics will come from the exotic woven lengths such as raw silk, brocade, jacquard silk. Strappy, one shoulder, off shoulder, deep backs are complimentary to your frame. But if you are not comfortable with this, full or three quarter sleeves would also work well. Any wedding ensemble must have a richer feel and intricate embroidery will work well for you. Since you are petite, smaller designs in the weave of the fabric or the embroidery is a must. To gain on height your choice for the embroidery could be a vertical design. If you are of a small figure and smaller height: Wide – U or square neckline, ¾ or full sleeves. Longer fitted top (overlapping the Lehengas belt) with princess seams (for an illusion for a curvier figure). A line Lehenga with built in train (no more than 15 inches). Dupatta folded and draped over shoulder with vertical border design falling from shoulder to Knee for an illusion of height. Avoid vertical embellishments as they will make you look skinny and add more height and slenderness than required. Do not use visually or physically heavy dupattas. They will engulf you taking away from your look. Busty: Avoid having raised embroidery work done on the choli as it would add to the bust size. Keep all embroidery very flat and avoid making big designs. Keep small designs on the choli like flowers, leaves etc. Keep away from a jewel neckline, which will make you appear bustier. Use under wire bra to give the bust shape and lift. Balance it all off with a full lehenga instead of A - line. Pear Shaped: Wear a lehenga that is “A” line with not too much of volume to it as extra volume adds bulk to shape. Keep it clean, straight cut and tapered. Soft fabrics are more advisable rather than stiffer fabrics. Ornate cholis draw attention upward. Full sleeves and padded shoulders extend the shoulder line and give the figure balance. Thin and Tall: Use a lot of volume to your lehenga as it adds grace and softness to your appearance. Any fabric complements someone who is tall and thin. Avoid too long cholis as it would make you look thin, and overlay jackets is a great alternative for brides who do not want to bare it all. Make sure the dupatta is long as it would add length and grace to your look. You can use lots of material to create an elegant flare lehenga in a slightly heavier raw silk, jamevar silk, banarasi organza or crepe tissue with a brocade choli. Shaded tones can be used to project your height. Your neckline can also be used to enhance your body frame. Go in for deep necks that are wide in the front as well as the back. Steer clear of high necklines and long sleeves. Yours is the only body frame that can opt for broad borders with elaborate embroidery. Therefore, keep in mind the different lehenga tips while purchasing a lehenga to get an inconceivable look and feel. Top tips for buying a lehenga * Fix a budget and stick to it. If you keep looking you will definitely find something within the limit you have set yourself. * Spend time with the designer/consultant so that he/she knows exactly what you have in mind. * Check the fabric as it is sometimes ignored due to the heavy embroidery. * Ensure that the lehenga has a strong comfortable lining, which is important as it upholds the weight of the garment. The lining could be of satin or any soft fabric that sits gently and falls well. Inexpensive lehengas tend to be unlined. * Turn the lehenga inside out to check if the seams are well finished and that the waistband can carry the weight of the heavy embroidery. This is essential in order to avoid an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction on the day! * Make sure that the zardozi or beadwork does not prick or hurt your skin. Often the choli has embroidery under the arms, which can be uncomfortable to wear. * Lastly, check that the beadwork is well stitched into the fabric so that it doesn’t fall off easily.