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Casual Salwar kameez

In India, there are two main dress styles for women the sari and the salwar kurta, also known as salwar suits, comprising a long tunic, trousers and usually, but not always, a large dupatta / scarf. The casual salwar kurtas are wonderfully comfortable, ideal for the long hot Indian summer. Available in designs ranging from ethnic chic to traditional, to modern prints, in a wide range of fabrics. Many kurtas are free size, and with their flowing lines, are wonderfully flattering for the fuller figure. Women of all sizes can wear these outfits with confidence, knowing they will turn heads everywhere they go. Bharatplaza offers online shopping of casual salwar suits, indian Causal kurta Salwar, traditional salwar kurtis for woman abroad; straight from India and gives you the latest range for bulk shopping and Casual salwar kurta wholesale for salwar kameez stores worldwide. Most Indian women wear some kind of traditional garment - the sari or the kurta salwar, suit salwar. Saris are extremely difficult for Westerners to adjust to, but salwar kurta are easy to wear and available ready made everywhere. They can be extremely cheap - as low as $10 for an outfit even in $50 you can purchase a nice casual kameez salwar. If you can't find your size, you can have them tailored by any small tailoring outfit. Cotton is the best salwar kameez as caual wear. They are cool, flowing and elegant. Fancy Shalwar kameez are suitable for any occasion, casual or formal. You'll be advertising an awareness of Indian conditions and will attract much less negative attention. Salwars are particularly well suited for train travel. If you have trouble with the scarf (which really should be worn) you can cheat by pinning it in place. Casual salwar kameez is the best dress for the purpose. Traditional kurtas are the ideal dress for going to temples, birthday parties, evening wear, while working at home or office. Casual is something occurring at irregular or infrequent intervals, being without ceremony or formality. As in any society, how you dress affects your experiences. Your fashion choices make a statement about your interests or intentions, and these statements are subject to cultural interpretation. The last few decades in Western countries have seen a revolution in fashion ideas, especially among the young, that would have shocked Westerners even two generations back. Though a small segment of urban India has been exposed to, and often accepted new fashion directions, most Indians hold a more conservative view.

Salwar Kameez