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The rich and colourful culture and heritage of india is best reflected in the Indian traditional dresses and just like saree, lehnga and salwar kameez, the churidar kameez is yet another traditional outfit that is immensely popular among Indian women and it is also popular amog women arounthe world. The word ‘churidar’ is a hindi term, which made its way into English in the 20th century. It is believed that in 19th century india women used to wear a churidar with a bodies and a transparent overskirt. Churidar  is famous dress in Pakistan especially with the people of north Indian. Every women likes to wear churidar at least once during her lifetime. Churidar is a type of general salwar pants. While salwar pants have a very top and narrow floor, there is a narrow and proper style of chaired so that the shape of the foot can be exposed.  Churidar are cutting on bias so that they can be dragged. Churidar are usually more than feet and tightly press the button in the cuff. The extra length of the churidar is like folds and the ankles appear like sleepers, hence the name “churidar”. The use of churidar is easy to wear such a floor cloth which is the test of time has stood on and omerged as one of the most  functional organization. Churidar can be wore with all types of kurtis. It is low in tunic, knee length shirt or anarkali. It is one of the most comfortable dresses that have ever been designed. There is more and more cloth in the waist area and lower leg area, which makes it easy to wear and folds and breaks the legs so that the wearable can sit comfortably. Another reason for the popularity  of churidar among women is that of the organization perfect silhouette that negative characteristics efficiently in it. The mild design of churidar provides a beautiful and sophisticated appeal to the entire organization and it can be wore  evenly by young and mature women. There is no doubt that the churidar is known as the most fashionable ethnic garment for women.