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Diamond Rings

Diamond rings are now an accessible luxury. Women love to wear jewels that make them feel special, and diamonds are the most valued possession. A Diamond is a girl's best friend as it is said and when the diamond is studded in a ring it becomes a symbol of love. Diamond rings have always been a favorite amongst young men and women about to start a new relationship. Either a proposal or a marriage gift it is the best thought on every romantic persons mind. Diamonds are said to be eternal and so they never seem to go out of fashion. Today many jewelry designers have come up with their new and creative range using different colored gems and stones but a slight touch of diamond to these creations makes the jewelry priceless, that's the magic of diamonds and hence diamonds still maintain their status. If one is fond of diamonds but they seem to be a bit heavy on the pocket then just best buy for them can be a diamond ring, it may consist of tiny bunch of four to five diamonds or a single solitaire may just do the trick though solitaires may be expensive. Diamond rings are also a symbol of status, bigger the size of the diamond on the ring, higher the status.