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Embroidered Georgette Saree

Embroidered Georgette saree is a traditional wear with class. Embroidered saris are a passion in the states of color - Rajasthan and Gujarat. The highlight of the embroidered saris here is vibrant contrast colors, rich patterns and shimmering mirror work. It is an art of hand weaving which is done with the help of needlework. Especially famous are the Indian embroidered sarees of Kutch and Jaisalmer, renowned for their unique colors, styles and stitches. Bharatplaza is the best embroidered saris shop with exclusive collection of designer embroidered georgette sarees, embroidered Indian sarees designed for party wear. Georgette saree is often made up of polyester and nylon. It is the most elegant and graceful fabric. When draped perfectly, it can add charm to the beauty of the woman. Exclusive georgette embroidered saree is essentially a festive wear, a party wear and all occasion. The collection of traditional embroidered saris made from graceful georgette is a hit among the fashion conscious women of today. Every piece of embroidered georgette saris that we make in this category reflects the richness of traditional Indian ethnicity. Each state here is specialist in its own kind of embroidery like Kashmiri embroidered saris vividly reflects the exuberance of nature and is characterized by paisley motifs, while Chamba (Himachal Pradesh) embroidery is inspired by the small paintings of the Mughal rule. This vast range of embroidered saris has been emerged from the use of a variety of threads. 'Chikan' work of Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) is characterized by the delicate embroidery in white threads either in cotton or in silk. 'Jardozi' of Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) is worked in gold thread and the threads from the old saree borders have created the beautiful 'Kantha ' work of West Bengal.

Party Wear Sarees