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Floral Printed Salwar Kameez

Flowers can never go out of fashion. Fads and trends may come and go but flowers are for all seasons. Most clothes can be worn with floral prints. Flower Printing is the process of decorating textile fabrics by applying pigments dyes or other related material in the form of patterns is called printing. The flowers, animals, trees, sun printing pattern are very common on sarees, salwar kameez from the ancients. The flower printed salwar kameez look beautiful on children, girls and women. There are three main methods of flower Printing: 1. Making floral pattern on salwar kameez by block Printing - it is the oldest method of Printing, A Wooden blocks carved with a flower design are made from solid pieces of wood or metal block. On the face of the block the dyestuff is applied in paste form. The block is pressed down firmly by hand on selected portions of the surface of the fabrics to make flower design. 2. Making flower pattern on salwar kameez by Roller Printing - The rollers replace the blocks. Just as there are separate blocks for each color, there are separate rollers here. The design is repeated with each rotation of the roller. 3. Screen Printing-Firstly the fabric is laid on a Printing table, gummed in position or pinned to a back gray and then the flower design is applied through a screen made of silk or nylon gauze stretched over a wooden or metal frame, on which the design is for one color has been produced. This is usually a photographic process. Shop online for flower printed salwar kameez, floral pattern salwar kameez, printed floral salwar suits, flower print motifs salwar suits from India with more than 5000 designs in stock Now days you can choose from an entire range of flowering garments - from saris and salwar kameez to dupattas and blouse. Bharatplaza collection includes clothes with beautiful flowering embroidery, flower printed salwar suits. A bridal duptta, designed recently used five kilograms of white jasmine buds. They were stitched together with only a half inch gap between each bud so as to give the wearer the feeling of being dressed in nothing but flowers. In order to maintain this feeling only transparent or translucent fabrics are used. Hence, net, organza or tissues are preferred as opposed to cotton: “cotton would kill the richness of the piece.

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