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Ghaghra Choli

Ghagra choli is one of the most beautiful Indian outfits. Today brides prefer a contemporary look, a balance of modern with the tradition. Yet, there are brides who don't mind being more flamboyant or going for the 'mix and match look'. The latest trends in today's bridal wear are short cholis with ghagras with elaborate embroidery. India has been known to have wonderful dresses and costumes. Though the majority of Indian women wear traditional costumes, the men in India can be found in more conventional western clothing. Tailored clothing is very common in India as women's blouses; custom made ghagras, designer gaghra cholis have to be made - to - fit. Off all the ethnic Indian women attires, the most eye-catching one is the lehenga choli. Though traditionally worn by the women folk in the rural belts of Indian states like Gujarat and Rajasthan. It is also known by the name of ghagra choli or chaniya choli. The home of the chaniya-choli is no doubt Kutch, Gujarat and Rajasthan. The outfit is popular in the west and north of India. In the south, another more streamlined version known as the pavade is popular. The beauty of the ghagra choli lies in the two separate parts of the garment. While the ghagra or skirt is flowing and flares around the wearer the choli or blouse is a snugly fitted piece of clothing that accentuates the female form. The odhni, the third part of the total garment, acts as a scarf or covering for the head and body and is a sign of modest shyness for the wearer. In ethnic wear a garment that is giving strong competition to the salwar kameez on the fashion charts in the 90s is not the sari but the ghagra choli. The chaniya or ghagra as it is often called has very strong traditions. The Vedas have given us indications like the Ramayana and Mahabharata that the ghagra-choli was the favourite outfit for the women of that era. Popular TV serials like the Ramayana and Mahabharata gave us indications that the ghagra choli was the famous outfit of that era. These TV serials gave tremendous boost to ghagra choli as a fashion garment. Ghagra choli is a flared garment and its accompanying choli comes in various lengths and shapes. It could be short and fitted like a choli or long, extending below the waist in a loose blouse fashion or it could be the kurti or kanjri style with mirror work and a backless tie-up look. It is this kanjri that is very popular and an extremely feminine item. As an outfit it has universal appeal since anyone from the age of 6-60 years can wear it. Our classic past trend is back with bang. Ghagra choli attire is in vogue now days. People spend lavishly for graceful apparel. Ghagra choli is attire that is exclusively in demand. Now days, Designers too take keen interest in the designing of ghagra choli. They design gharga choli in a very innovative and in unique style. They use different patterns, unique motifs, geometrical and abstract designs. They also give the scintillating touch to the graceful attire by adding the flashing mirrors on the flared garment the work is exquisitely colorful with mirrors bound in with colorful thread. Designers also use the embellished stones and shells that make the garment awesome. The mirror work embroidery is also very distinctive. The wide range of exotic gharga choli designs splashed the markets with enchanting styles mainly in the festive season. Like during Deepawali, Dusshera, Navratraas. People worn ghagra choli. For a charismatic effect and the patterns and grace of embroidery rightfully display exuberance of style. Even during Navrataras, ladies wear ghagra choli. .That festival requires the ladies to wear the ghagra choli because the swirling movements of the dance that need a more flared garment. The contemporary pastel shades of the lehnga choli fabric with vibrant hues of embroideries are an enchanting blend of innovation, awe-inspiring beauty and hard work of the craftsmen. Ghagra choli comes in the huge range of mesmerizing colour combinations and patterns that allure the eyes. The fabric base colour is very earthy in shades of maroon, black, blue, brown, beige mustard , grey ,golden yellow, fuchsia, olive green, red, peacock blue, turquoise, emerald, vermillion, scarlet, deep blue, saffron. Some of the ghagra cholis are hand block printed and then embellished with mirror or embroidered patches. The price of a ghagra cholis could very depending on the base material and embellishments. Fabrics that are used for ghagra cholis normally range from cotton, silk to khadi and at times chiffon, organza, satin cotton, raw silk and brocade crepe bandhani, tie dye etc. The ghagra choli is also popular as bridal attire in the urban parts of India. It is also known by the name of chaniya choli. Many brides-to-be prefer to get them stitched. Nowadays, many variations have stepped into the ghagra choli designs. The typical Indian bridal ghagra choli is of red color and is heavily embroidered with golden thread or zari. The bridal ghagra choli is not limited to red color. People are also opting for multi-colored or pastel-shade ghagra choli now. Similarly, the skirt can be double layered and stylishly embellished with zari and precious stones. No longer is the ghagra choli garment restricted to just the nine nights before Dusshera; it is now a co-ordinate worn by girls throughout the year.