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Ghagra Choli Designs

The most graceful traditional Indian attire that enhances feminity is Ghagra Choli. The glorious history of ghagra choli is remarkable, foretells the story of the Royals of the Mughal dynasty. Ghagra choli has always been a flawless garment and has always been the first choice to outline Indian culture and festivity. Ghagra is supposed to be a flared and pleated long skirt that is mingled with a choli and a dupatta. The dynamic Indian fashion trends are affecting the designs and styles of these attires. Now-a-days a variety of styles of ghagras are available in the market in different designs such as directly cut ghagras, Fish tail ghagras, Mermaid ghagras, Paneled ghagras, Kali ghagras, Circular ghagras, A-line ghagras and so on. These have earned a huge appeal between youngsters as well as celebrities. Ghagra Cholis have made its presence felt during Indian weddings in a big way. The confluence of traditional and trendy look makes it a much desirable wear for Indian women during weddings. Women are crazy for these attires throughout the festive seasons like Navratri, Dussehra, Diwali, Eid etc. Ghagra is looked upon as traditional attire and designer work over it simply adds to its grace. Today’s ghagra cholis have superb geometrical cuts, asymmetrical patterns, diamond patterns and modern embroidery patterns simply adding a touch of grace and beauty to the Ghagra cholis. These ghagras come in various colors, fabrics, designs, cuts, textures, and so on.

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