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Gold Anklets

Gold is easily one of the purest metals found on the earth. Unlike silver, it never gets tarnished, even if worn for a long time. It doesn’t require regular polishing and retains its shine even after continued exposure to water or dust. So be it a marriage, a birthday, an anniversary or any religious ceremony, gold jewelry is thought to be one of the best gifts to be given to one’s loved ones. Gold anklets are seen rather rarely. The reason behind this might be the traditional preference of silver over other metals for making anklets. Nevertheless, more and more women are now being seen sporting gold anklets in special ceremonies, if not as daily wear. Gold anklets can be of more than one type. It can be made in the form of a single, thick kada, or a thin string to which small golden leaves or ghungroos (small spherical balls) might or might not be attached. Gold anklets can also be of a broad cylindrical shape. A more elaborate style of gold anklet is one attached to gold rings, worn around the toes, with thin gold strings. Since ankle pieces mostly remain hidden from the gaze of onlookers, if you are wearing them, chances are that they might get unhooked and slip away completely unnoticed. And what can be worse than loosing an anklet as expensive as one made of gold? So before buying a gold anklet, ensure that its hook isn’t faulty and that it secures the anklet well. Also, if you are getting gold anklets made for you, make certain that your jeweler knows the exact size of your ankles, so that once the anklets are made, they are neither too loose nor too tight, but fit you perfectly. After all, most of us do not go shopping for authentic jewelry, gold anklets or otherwise on a weekly basis. So why take risks? Take as much time as you want to while getting them ready. Let people who see you know without a doubt that the lovely jewelry you’re wearing belongs to you that it was made for none other than you!!