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Gold Bracelet

An elegant accessory, a bracelet is a piece of jewelry which is worn around the wrist. Bracelet popularity dates back to the Roman times and continues. Today a gold bracelet is a classic example of timeless elegance and popularity. Romans and Victorians did it lavish styles. The 20th century has made umpteen corrections to the ever popular gold bracelet. Gold bracelet comes in various designs; gem-studded ones intricately designed ones etc. Using gems of both semi precious and precious types in gold bracelets was not uncommon at any time. Emeralds, rubies and a host of semi precious stones rendered glory and richness to the otherwise plain gold bracelet. There is no limitation or any regulation on the style of gold bracelet. Historically twisted rope or leafy patterns were popular. ‘Entangled Eye’ design emblazoned with gemstones was the rage of the Victorian times. As with now, it was always the dictate of fashion which guided the craze of gold bracelet. Designs depicting creatures and flowers and fruits are no longer in fashion in present times. The gold bracelet design has come of age and become bolder, if one goes by the kind of experimentation. Gold mesh and twisted linked design in flatter patterns are the ones that find place in the collectors’ box. Recently, bracelets are also available in white gold. White gold bracelet gives a greater appearance as it shines like platinum. They look very trendy.

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