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Gold Necklace

The Gold Necklace is the first and for most jewel in the Indian traditional jewellery. The Necklaces may be of various types, but Indian antique quality Gold Necklace is very famous all over the world. The Necklace are the jewel which is wore in the neck and most women use to wear it in every fashion party, wedding occasion or any festive celebration. In olden times, jewelry made from precious metals, such as gold and silver, indicated the status of the person wearing it. It used to be a sign of wealth and power in society. A gold necklace is a timeless piece of jewelry that complements most fashions. Gold necklaces come in various styles and fashions. Some gold necklaces are dipped in white gold so as to give a stunning look. Apart from this many customers go in for oxidized gold jewelry. This undoubtedly looks ethnic and attractive. Some women even prefer gold necklace with precious stones embedded on it. The above statements clearly reveal that "gold necklaces" have not lost their grace and charm. In most Indian weddings, the bride is decked up with gold necklace jewelry and especially with heavy gold earrings. These days even men adore gold necklaces. They either wear thick necklaces or very thin ones. Thus gold plays a vital role in our lives. Even in temples, we often notice that figures of gods and goddesses are decorated with gold necklaces. This surely adds a lot of grace and elegance to those figures. Hence "gold necklaces" have multiple roles to play.

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