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Gold Toe Ring

Toe Rings are the new fad and its growing. Gold is as old as the art of designing. Turning the pages of history, gold is one of the oldest metals that were available. And till today, it has been used with the same pride and worth. Gold is precious, rare and thus expensive and because of its high demand in the world, gold is a safe and a preferred source of investment. Gold ornaments are most popular among the masses. It is melted and molded into various shapes and designs giving vent to creativity and imagination. Gold toe ring is one such ornament. It is a metal ring worn in the toe. Gold toe ring is the traditional Indian ornament which is slipped into the brides toe by the groom at the time of the marriage, all backed by the scientific reasons. Indian gold toe ring is one of the ornaments satisfying the beauty of the toe. Other ornaments belonging to the same class are anklets, payal etc. Traditionally a toe ring was an indispensable part of the married woman. Since fashion has over taken the society, many intricate designs of gold toe rings are available in the market. In the past when the brides used to wear toe rings, they were six in number for both the toes. However, in today's time number has drastically reduced to one or two. In short, toe rings no more have any religious significance, rather it has become a style statement. Gold is evergreen and so are traditions. The scenario marks both of them carrying together and bringing about the best tends. Today gold toe rings are available in all sizes and innumerable designs. Also self designing is immensely common in gold toe rings. Small pearls, gems etc are also used to serve the purpose of beauty. These gold toe rings are quire popular with all kinds of dresses like sarees, skirts, jeans and salwar kameez etc. and mostly worn with flat footwear. The college going girls have made a huge entry with gold toe rings thereby making it huge success. And today gold toe rings symbolize all- traditions, beauty, art and investment. Since gold is easily malleable and ductile, the proposed designs can easily come through. The History of Toe Rings: Toe rings originated in India, where women wear them as a symbol of married state. Traditionally toe rings are quite ornate, though more contemporary designs are now being developed to cater to the modern bride. In other cultures they could mean other things including a signal of acceptance into a tribe. In western countries toe rings are a relatively new fashion accessory. Western women don't ascribe a traditional meaning to toe rings, or have to be married to flirt and have fun. Toe rings are small and usually light weight, so you can easily afford to find many that you like and save on the shipping. What fun it is to have many toe rings to choose from while getting dressed.