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Half saree

Half Saree, also known as two-piece Saree, plays very important role in traditional dressing pattern of young girls between puberty to marriage in south India. On special occasions, younger girls also wear it. It is also called as Langa Voni and Paavadai Davani. In north India, especially in up, Bihar Rajasthan and Gujrat, a similar form of dressing is found called with different name as Gagra Choli. Presently the famous form of  saree wrapping “Lehenga style Saree” worn be Indian women in special occasion is in itself inspired by the lenga voni. The only difference between the two is the direction of draping the voni or dupatta, in south with its original way it is worn as saree on left hand side from front to back of the shoulder whereas in the form of Gagra choli, Oni is wrapped from back to front covering shoulder and chest part, usually through right and side. The garment comprises of a skirt like structure called Langa or Paavadai, to be tied around the waist using string, and a cloth material usually 2 to 2.5 meters in length to cover upper part of the body called Voni, Oni, Davani. This Oni or Davani is draped diagonally over a Blouse like structure called choli (a tight fitting blouse, same as worn with saree). The lenga voni is woven with cotton or silk. The half saree supports the transition since it is usedfrom the childhood skirt blouse to the saree, the more complicated drape worn by adult women. Generally, the langa and oni used to be bright in colourand with contrast to each other. The half saree resembles southern styles of saree wearing since the drape runs in the same direction, tucked into the front of the skirt, then wrapped around the waist, and then draped over the opposite shoulder. On the other hand, the voni is shorter, and the weare is not required to pleat the cloth manually, as it is done when draping the saree. In addition, the voni is less restrictive than saree since it is not wrapped completely over the waist so tightly, allowing the wearer to move her legs freely. Nowadays, the ladies look at the quality of any clothes and designer likes to take saree. Saree makes a women more beautiful.