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Indian Saree

The Indian sari is a masterpiece of everlasting beauty. Indian Sarees: Saris were designed for the Indian women keeping in mind her structure and physique. The Indian saree can also be worn in several ways and its manner of wearing as well as its color and texture are indicative of the status, age, occupation, region and religion of a woman. The national garment of the Indian woman is the saree, and this garment has not just found itself a place in the oxford dictionary, but also in the wardrobes of people across the world. Indian Sari has kept its popularity throughout the centuries because of its total simplicity and practical comfort combined with the sense of luxury and sense of sexuality a woman experiences. For a single length of material, the sari is the most versatile garment in existence. The Indian sari with its long history is one of the most ancient dresses that have been designed since ages. With its simple elegance it has is one of the most expressive clothes of woman’s femininity. Over centuries, this dress has changed in form and content.The Indian Sari has been related to many customs and traditions since its beginning, so its history expresses the development of the society and thus becoming a part of the Indian inheritance. Indian saris are available in a wide range of colors using different fabrics. In the yesteryears they were hand woven and were made of fabrics like cotton, silk, but over the years the technical advancement has led to the emergence of mechanical looms on which artificial fibers are increasingly being used to manufacture sari fabrics like nylon, rayon, polyester. Some other sari fabrics are georgette, crepe, chiffon, organza, satin, and organdie and so on. Sari is the most versatile garment. Every region in India has a distinct style of sari, which has developed over the centuries and is worn by women of all age groups. These saris differ from one another on the basis of fabrics, draping style, motifs. In north the commonly worn styles of saris are chikan, tant, jamdani, banarasi, tanchoi, shalu. In east the prevelant sari styles are baluchari, ikat, dhakai, rajshahi silk saree, tangail tanter, katan sari. In west paithani, bandhani, Kota doria, lugade are popular. In the center chanderi is the commonly worn style. In south it is pochampally, gadwall, narayanpet, mangalagiri, coimbatore, ikal, mysore, guntur, balarampuram and chettinad. Indian saris have always been an attraction for both Indian and international women due to intricate embroideries and vibrant bright colors. Let’s have a look on few of them. Indian saris have always been the best choice for the formal occasions not only in India but also abroad. Both Indian and international customers find it the best outfit to stand out in the crowd. Feel the ambience saree shop at Bharatplaza .com. Experience the exclusive showcase of Indian Sarees.