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Necklace Sets

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We have accumulated an entirely wonderful range of unusual and rare necklace sets to give you a very divine and angelic look. You will find here a great collection of ethnic Jewellery of pearls, beads and precious stones to make you an icon of beauty. Golden and silver antique is having an ensemble of necklace and pair of earrings, which is very well completing partywear looks. This priceless Jewellery will definitely touch your soul and add a timeless beauty to your collection.

  • 50% OFF Faceted Drop Necklace

    SKU : DSN373

    Faceted Drop Necklace


    Special Price A$26

  • 50% OFF Turquoise Silver Pendant

    SKU : DSP864

    Turquoise Silver Pendant


    Special Price A$13

  • 50% OFF Single Bead Pendant

    SKU : DSP151

    Single Bead Pendant


    Special Price A$11

  • 50% OFF Floral Design Necklace

    SKU : DSN220

    Floral Design Necklace


    Special Price A$72

  • 50% OFF Black Stone Pendant

    SKU : DSP961

    Black Stone Pendant


    Special Price A$35

  • 50% OFF Heart Shape Pendant

    SKU : DSS669

    Heart Shape Pendant


    Special Price A$63

  • 50% OFF Pearl Necklace

    SKU : DSS984

    Pearl Necklace


    Special Price A$90

  • 50% OFF Silver Necklace

    SKU : DSN479

    Silver Necklace


    Special Price A$39

  • 50% OFF Pill Box Pendant

    SKU : DSP914

    Pill Box Pendant


    Special Price A$24

  • 50% OFF Long Necklace

    SKU : DSN754

    Long Necklace


    Special Price A$101

  • 50% OFF Cross Style Pendant

    SKU : DSP6

    Cross Style Pendant


    Special Price A$32

  • 50% OFF Light Pink Pendant

    SKU : DSP271

    Light Pink Pendant


    Special Price A$37