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Partywear Jewellry

This exclusive necklace set are especially made for some special moments which you want to treasure forever. Simple yet Elegant in design, Antique kundans, Stones, Mina work, Beads, Cutdana and Crystals work are make this one an icon of beauty. Add this gem to your collection for getting a new look.

  • -20%
    20% OFF Beautiful Kantha Necklace

    SKU : PN2775

    Beautiful Kantha Necklace


    Special Price A$33

  • -19%
    20% OFF Sensational Tiger Eye Necklace Set

    SKU : PN2698

    Sensational Tiger Eye Necklace Set


    Special Price A$21

  • -22%
    20% OFF Enthralling Blue Necklace Set

    SKU : PN2766

    Enthralling Blue Necklace Set


    Special Price A$18

  • -20%
    20% OFF Prodigious Yellow Necklace Set

    SKU : PN2672

    Prodigious Yellow Necklace Set


    Special Price A$28

  • -20%
    20% OFF Eye-popping Beach Wear Necklace

    SKU : PN2846

    Eye-popping Beach Wear Necklace


    Special Price A$48

  • -20%
    20% OFF Lustrous Beach Wear Set

    SKU : PN2754

    Lustrous Beach Wear Set


    Special Price A$36

  • -19%
    20% OFF Fabulous Beach Wear Necklace

    SKU : PN2655

    Fabulous Beach Wear Necklace


    Special Price A$21

  • -20%
    20% OFF Grandiose Tourmaline Necklace

    SKU : PN2838

    Grandiose Tourmaline Necklace


    Special Price A$86

  • -20%
    20% OFF Outstanding Brazilian Crystals Necklace

    SKU : PN2720

    Outstanding Brazilian Crystals Necklace


    Special Price A$63

  • -19%
    20% OFF Delicate Multicolor Necklace

    SKU : PN2786

    Delicate Multicolor Necklace


    Special Price A$25

  • -19%
    20% OFF Wonderful Victorian Necklace Set

    SKU : PN2704

    Wonderful Victorian Necklace Set


    Special Price A$35

  • -20%
    20% OFF Breathtaking Necklace

    SKU : PN2769

    Breathtaking Necklace


    Special Price A$16