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Kanchipuram Saree

The temple city of Kanchipuram is also the silk city of India. It has a thriving handloom industry with an enviable reputation as the producer of the best silk sarees in India. The silk weavers of Kanchi settled more than 400 years ago and kept up an unflinching tradition of producing impeccable silk sarees. With an economy entirely dependent on tourism and the well-established handloom industry, Kancheepuram has thousands of handlooms and skilled weavers that make its silk sarees one of the best in the entire world. About 75% of Kanchipuram's- population is dependent on the Silk Saree industry, either directly or indirectly. Yet, the city does not manufacture Silk or any other raw material that goes into its silk sarees. The Silk industry is entirely made up of Handloom weavers and merchants. Each of the Kanchipuram silk saree is unique in itself since it is entirely hand woven with dyed silk yarn with interleaved designs made with 'Zari' - a Silk thread twisted with thin Silver wire and then gilded with pure Gold. Technically, the silk thread used for weaving Kanchipuram Sarees is made up of three single threads twisted together. Woven from pure mulberry silk, these sarees have classic texture, luster, durability and finish. With their dazzling colors and exquisite designs, Kanchipuram silk sarees are worn by the rich and affluent across India. Kanchipuram silk sarees stand out of the crowd as it is completely hand woven and gives the women an auspicious look and feel. Any woman would feel on top of the world when wrapped in this classic outfit. Kanchipuram sarees are worn during wedding and festivals. The bride looks amazingly gorgeous when draped in this beautiful silk saree – the symbol of Indian grandeur. This garment could also be gifted to your dear ones as a symbol of love and affection. Whether it’s a mother’s day or your anniversary- these sarees are the answers to all your queries. It has such a subtle look that one gets the feel of elegance and dignity after wearing it. Woven from the twisted silk yarn, these sarees have lusture, durability and finish. It can be easily washed and it lasts for a life- time. Kanchipuram sarees could be easily draped

as it is very soft. Zari is used while making a saree. In fact, the quality of zari also determines the quality of the saree. If quality of zari is good, then the luster of saree would remain for a longer duration or else the saree would be rigid and hard. The Kanchipuram sarees are known to be worn by the well off and affluent across India. With its dazzling color and texture, this clothing reflects the high status and classic choice of the wearer. The demand and recognition of the sarees has reached globally. Kancheepuram, they don't just weave silks but an entire tradition. Till 1865, there was no silk or even mulberry here. When the Maharaja of Mysore descended on the Varadaraja temple, sporting silk, he caught the fancy of the residents of the temple city. Today, 75 per cent of the city's population is engaged in the silk industry-some for more than five generations. Even now, the ready spools come from Mysore and the designs, gleaned from temples, palaces and paintings. The colors are traditionally bright or earthy-scarlet, emerald green, black, ochre, purple, steel blue, peacock blue and turquoise-and some are specially made in red and white for religious occasions. One major difference between the Kancheepuram silk and the Mysore silk is that the former uses twisted yarn and the latter mostly crepe. The twisted yarn is said to be much stronger than crepe and guaranteed to last 30 to 40 years. There are 100-odd silk shops in Kancheepuram, selling sarees that come out of more than 600 looms. They come in two categories, wedding sarees with heavy jacquard work and the less decorative multi-purpose ones. One of the factors that contribute to its world wide recognition is the online shopping. Now people can easily find details about the Kanchipuram sarees through online shopping sites.

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