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Kerala Saree

Kerala, known as 'God's own country', has its own textile tradition. Kerala Sarees are symbolic of Kerala culture and tradition and is not seen anywhere else in India. The contemporary pastel shades of the Kerala Sarees with vibrant hues of embroideries are an enchanting blend of innovation, awe-inspiring beauty and hard work of the craftsmen. Presently Pastel shades and many earthy shades like Beige, Crèmes, and Mustard are in vogue. Kerela is increasingly gaining professional competence in the arena of beauty and fashion. Malaya lees have always been recognized for their sense of aesthetics. They have special taste for fashion and it is being reflected in the varying trends that are seen in their dress. Kerala Saree is considered to be very traditional saree and mostly favored on accasions like Wedding, Puja, Religious ceremonies, Cultural events, family functions, and party wear dresses. The kerala Saree is generally a Silk Saree with bright colors and shiny appearance. This 6 yard wonder dress when wrapped around the body adds absolute grace and elegance to a woman's body which cannot be matched with any other dress. Kerala Sarees are the true reflection of Indian craftsmanship. These sarees are known for their flamboyance and richness. This elegant drape of India comes in varied textures and styles. During the popular festival of Onam, women wear a two-piece garment. Kerala sarees are considered to be the result of patience and hard work rendered by experience hands. All Kerala sarees are represented a considerable investment of time or money. Kerela sarees are worn for the charismatic effect. Designers put their strenuous efforts to give a new look to the saree. They tried to put elaborate buttis, floral, or figurative accent elements as designs in the Kerela sarees. These ornate designs will create excitement amongst the fashion conscious women. Kerala sarees are sure to arouse sensation around. Many fine fabrics of rich Indian heritage used in the making of these ornate sarees. An exotic range of Kerala saris are splashed in the plethora of designs and styles during festive season. On the whole we can say that each piece of designer saree has finest elegance and craftsmanship that celebrates the Feminine attire. Kerala saree teamed up with Stylish, trendy blouse with the Matching accessories it adds grace awe inspiring beauty to the women. When the Kerala saree is folded, tied and pleated in a graceful and elegant manner that makes the sari timeless attire that makes the women look Coy. Due to their attractive and charismatic features brides too chose this elegant kind of saree for her wedding day. Even overseas, these sarees are truly in demand. They have created a rage in the global market. You

can explore many new and classy dimensions regarding the new styles and patterns of this ornate Kerala saree. The Southern part of India has over the centuries continued to retain its ancient traditions of art and craft. It seems that the ancient influences were non existent for the people residing in South India’s long coastal line. On the other hand, globalization created demand for new products made of traditional designs and weaving methods. Nowadays Kerala’s saree market is flooded with sarees like Kancheepuram Silk, Banaras Silk, Cotton, Pure Silk, Polycotton, semi-Silk, Rose Silk, Organsa, Organdi etc. and the sarees decorated with sequins work, zardosi works, embroidery, fabric printing etc. Formerly cream colored sarees were the trend and later it was replaced by attractive red, maroon bordered sarees. Then sarees with various colors, designs and materials started becoming popular in the market. Kerala’s traditional style of draping a saree varies to a large extent. Some of the common sarees of the region include a full skirt and a long blouse, half sari, mundu style. To begin with the half saree is a style in kerala that was worn earlier and it consisted of full skirt, short blouse, shawl and a sari blouse. The demand for mundu set among the women of Kerala is growing. It is a form of saree in 2 sets worn with a blouse. It is primarily on festivals like Onam that this style is available in sandal wood color or white color with silk border or colored border. It is worn with the same fashion of a saree, but without any pleats in front. The traditions of south are to firmly entrench to be easily forgotten and indeed we see today and extremely vibrant textile scenario in both cotton and silk where newer designs are introduced before the audiences. If continued awareness about kerela textile heritage is generated then these textiles will remain a vital and a beautiful part of our lives. Varied weaving techniques and a vast range of materials can be found in the textiles of southern India. It is not too difficult to look at finely woven sheer muslins in white cotton with their typical zari borders and pallu and identify them as a famous saree from kerala. Every part of India and across the world truly confides in the high quality garment produced by the southern fashion industry. Kerala unfailingly has contributed to a large extent to the growing textile of India as a whole. People walking in from northern part of India have also developed an inclination towards the traditionally rich sarees of Kerala. These Kerala sarees are readily available at all leading garment stores across the boundaries. Thus, the availability factor is well looked after by the concerned authorities of the particular country.

Traditional Saree