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Kota Doria

The Kota Doria Salwar Kameez is one of the pouplar embroidered salwar kameez of Rajasthan. kota Doria sarees, salwar kameez made in small villages around the Kota city. "Kota Doria" is a super transparent yet stable cotton or cotton/silk weave consisting of varied gauges of yarn, creating an almost graph like pattern called khats (squares formed between the different thicknesses of fibers). The intermittent heavier gauge yarns give the fabric enough weight and lateral stability to fall very gracefully, yet it is incredibly airy and transparent. Generally, these clothes are worn in the summer. Traditional handloom from Kota is produced by open spacing of super fine warp and weft threads and interspersing a slightly heavier gauge thread at regular counts to produce a very subtle check pattern. The thicker threads give the cloth strength and body, while the thin fibers maintain its absolute translucence. Kota Doria salwar suits is worn in the hot summer months in India, and when you see how absolutely light and airy. Bharatplaza provide you online kota doria salwar kameez with more than 4000 latest designs of kota doria salwar kameez, printed kota doria suits, kota doria kameez salwar and kota doria salwar suits for express delivery to any destination in the world. Hand loomed Kota Doria salwar kameez in pure cotton are a rare find - polyester is gaining more and more ground. There are many varieties of machine loomed Kota fabric, which is also soft cloth with an airy feel that picks up the slightest breeze. Other than the few scarce weavers in a small town called Kaithoon most Kota Doria is machine woven. Kota Doria weaved is the most comfortable wear in the summer or humid place. Its coolest experience to wear the doria weaved kota in the hot summer. The hot climate in Rajasthan led to invention of the doria art on kota to relieve from the hot climate. And it became very famous primarily for this reason. The gossamer-fine fabric Kota doria’s are the finest weaves in India so fine that they are almost weightless. The spinning, dyeing and weaving are done by skilled artisans and it takes many men hours to do so. The Kota region's craft is exquisite in its perfection. The Kota Doria weave is very special; the warp and the weft use a combination of threads creating a fine chequered pattern where the cotton provides firmness while the silk lends the gossamer finish to the fabric.