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Partywear Suits

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Designer party wear suits are especially designed on imported polyster fabric and raw silk base with exclusive embroidery on it. Amazing work on inner shirt, front panel, collar and cuff is showing its refinement. Superbly crafted ensemble in moderate price will make sure to get you many compliments on precious moments of your life.

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    Groom Party Wear Suit


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    Double Breasted Jacket


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    3 Piece Suit


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    Cream Suit


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    Groom Wedding Suit


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    3 Piece Party Wear Suit


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    Checks Two Piece Suit


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    Two Button Suit


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    Blue Suit


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    Notch Lapel Suit


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Different Party Wear Suits for Men

Who says men don’t have to dress for a party and they don’t have much of options! Here is the list of options that the men have to dress during a party:

  1. The three-piece suit: It is the most traditional and one of the most loved by the men as the party wear suits, in winters specially. Not only does it provides layering but gives a neat look. The inner waist coat can be of the same pattern and colour as the coat or can be a contrast as well. What else, even if you take off the coat, you are not out of style, the sleek and neat tailoring of the waist coat keeps you in style.
  2. The dinner suit: A perfect black suit with a crisp white shirt, adorned with a black tie or black bow. You can never fault with this dress. Add a bit of colour to it with the help of a contrasting or a pattern or printed pocket square and matching cufflinks.
  3. The double breasted coat: It is something that is still loved as the party wear for men. It came into trend during 80’s and till date has not lost its charm.
  4. Pinstripe coat: If you are a man with broader shoulders, pinstripe is the party wear suit for you. But when choosing always keep in mind the thickness of the stripe and the width. The farther the stripes the more casual or say pyjama look it would give. The stripes need to be closer and thinner.

And you get all these styles here at your very own online store the Bharat Plaza. Our online store caters for all the party wear suits for men that are in trend, so that you need not go searching for it. Come and shop with us the best collection.