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Know The Lehenga Design

Lehenga is a very important part of Indian culture. It is traditional, beautiful, colourful. During that time, it was believed that lehenga choli had all the quilities that would define Indian exquisiteness in its purest form. Lehenga  is a traditional dress worn by womens in India. The lehenga is famous for making girls and women look pretty. Lehenga is from of skirt from the Indian subcontinent which is long, embroidered and pleated. It is worn as the bottom portion of a gagra choli or lehenga choli.

Types of lehenga’s Flared lehenga, Fishtail lehenga, Panelled lehenga, A-Line lehenga, Sharara lehenga, Straight cut lehenga, Lehengas with a jacket, half saree lehenga etc. nowdays, the designers have given a different look to lehnga. Lehenga is used to design the mind and its art is to show it through its work. Let’s make a new look for lehenga to be a designer, you can put two colour shade in lehenga and mixture works in it. Most of the Indian womens wear designer lehenga on their weddings. We can be many types of fabrics for lehenga, Rich silk, Cotton silk, Royal velvet, Chiffon, Georgette, Silky Satin, Digital Print, Brocade, Plain fabric. The highest quality clothes should be taken for the designer to make a lehenga. Many types of work can be done on lehenga, Embroidery work, Gotta patti work, kundan work, Zardozi work, Zari work, Moti work etc. Work should be done carefully on lehenga. Nowdays the designers are promoting the types of lehenga. As the time changed, the design of lehnga also changed. Lehenga enhances the beauty of women. Lehenga is worn in festivals and wedding. Thanx to those designers who did not let the tradition of our Indian clothes come to an end, instead they gave new look to traditional clothes. Yes lehenga is a very attractive dress that every women like to wear.