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Know The Dulhan Saree

Indian wedding are bigger than life where the bride and the groom dress up like royals yo get married and devote their lives  to each other. Dressing is certainly the main emphasis of the wedding where all the eyes are set on the new couple. Every girl dreams that she will look the most beautiful on her wedding day. A bride wants to wear a designer saree on her wedding. Heavy work is done in the specialty bridal saree.

There are many types of fabric that are made fo saree just like art silk, pure silk, cotton silk, super net, net saree, georgette, chiffon saree etc. Specially bridal saree is made as a lehenga style saree. Many types of heavy work are done for bridal saree, heavy embroidery work, heavy gotta pati work, jari work, kundan and moti work, we can do mix work to make designer saree. Work and a fabrics make brides more attractive to saree. After  a brides wedding, the bride need to wear beautiful and rich designed saree. A bridal saree is more heavier than a normal saree. It has more work, fine design and a exquisite cloth. In our Indian culture, a bride’s saree is the most precious thing that people observe the most. Not only after the wedding, saree’s are worn on the wedding day as well in southern areas. Bride’s sarees mostly red, pink, maroon color.  In northern parts of india, after a brides wedding there are some family rituals “rasams”. At that time the bride need to look beautiful and attractive as well. It is belived that after marriage, the bride has to wear new clothes So that it might seem that a new member has come into the house. The bride is given a designer saree as a gift. Traditional bridal saree enhances the bride. Traditional saree promotes our culture.