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Paithani Saree

Paithani saree is considered to royalty among sarees. Paithani saree holds a treasured place in a trousseau of a maharashtrian bride. The fine silk handloom saree get their name from the town in which they originated i.e. paithan in Aurangabad, Maharashtra and truly flourished during the era of the Mughals, particularly during the rule of Aurangzeb. The raw silk threads are dyed using natural dyes obtained from vegetables, minerals plants and rocks. They are then transferred to the reels, which are loaded onto the looms. The preparation of the loom, which takes a whole day, is probably the most laborious part about the weaving processes, as this will determine the design, colour and final details of the product. Then weaver then sits down to create the masterpiece that is pathani saree to careful hand , foot , eye and coordination - a process that could take him anywhere from a month to two years . A particular colour thread is used Length- wise and another colour is used width-wise while weaving. Hence, an original saree also does a play of colour as light reflects off it and the saree appears to change its colour.the most interesting part about the Paithani handloom is that both sides of the saree look exactly the same. Yes, even the border and pallu.Colours As Paithani sarees are woven from naturally dyed threads; you can usually find them only in basic colours like red, yellow, sky blue, magenta, green, peach-pink and purple. Each saree usually has two dominating colours – one on the saree and the other on the border and pallu.The sarees have such a high value primarily because they are made from pure silk thread. And on the border there is work of zari is crafted from real gold or silver. Bridal sarees often have precious gems and pearls sewn onto the border. Always keep in mind for a Paithani that it should be wrap in soft cloth or mul, and also avoid it from direct harsh sunlight; and dry clean only if necessary.