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Pakistani dress

 Pakistani dressing is a kind of the ethnic clothing that is typically worn by people in the country of Pakistan and by the people of Pakistan origin. Pakistani dresses express the culture of Pakistan, the demographics of Pakistan and culture from the Punjab, sindh, balochistan, pashtun and Kashmir regions. Such dress in each regional culture reflect its way of living, weather conditions and distinctive style which gives it a unique identity among all cultures. The salwar kameez is considered as the national dress of Pakistan and is worn by both men and women in all four provinces Punjab, sindh, Baluchistan and Khyber pakhtunkhwa and in pok. All officials working in the secretariat are required to wear the national dress since 1982. Salwar is a loose trousers and kameez is like shirts. Pakistanis usually wear clothes of many varieties ranging from exquisite colours and designs to various types of fabric such as silk, chiffon, cotton, etc. men in country generall wear salwar kameez, achkan and shervani, kurta, Pakistani waistcoat, churidar or pajama. Pakistani women wear the shalwar kameez which is worn in different pattern, styles, colors and designs which can be decorated with different styles and designs of embroidery work on them. The kameez may be of varying sleeve length, necklines. The drawers may be the straight- cut shalwar, churidar, cigarette pajama, Patiala salwar, tulip trouser or simple trouser. The dupatta is an important part of shalwar kameez ensemble, since it is considered a symbol of woman’s respect. Often treated as an accessory in current urban fashion, dupatta is used just as a decorative accessory; wrapping around the neck or hanging down the shoulder. Dupatta is also used by women entering religious place such a mosque, dargah, church, gurudwara or mandir. It is used with different embroidery designs of kamdani and gota. Pakistani women have a variety of traditional dresses such as burkha in addition to the shalwar kameez but they mostly wear them on special occasions such a on weddings, engagements, mehandi and traditional ceremonies. The gharara and sharara are two similar dresses that are often worn on ceremonial occasions. Farshi pajama is one of the old traditional dresses which are worn occasionally.