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Pearl Bracelet

Pearl jewelry rarely goes out of style -- so it will be worn for years and years. This is one of the many reasons why pearl jewelry is considered a special gift and highly treasured. One nice thing about pearls is that you can slowly make a matching set with pearl earrings, a pearl necklace or pearl pendant. Pearl Bracelet Styles Pearl bracelets come in many styles. Here are some descriptions of the most popular styles: * Solid Cultured Pearl Bracelet: This is usually considered the "classic" Pearl bracelet. One's wrist is surrounded by pearls. These are extremely lovely yet may be a bit large for some smaller woman. * Floating Pearl Bracelet: These bracelets consist of pearls connected together by either gold of silver chain. These are often better suited for smaller boned women as they are more delicate. * Solid Fresh Water Pearl Bracelets: These can be a bit less dressy than the cultured pearl bracelets unless you choose wisely. Look for smooth rounded pearls and high luster for the best value. These types of bracelets are usually much less expensive. * Pearl and Gemstone Bracelets: These are often less dressy than solid pearl bracelets but are great accent bracelets. Often made with fresh water pearls, these can be extremely affordable. Indeed, a pearl bracelet can be called subtle elegance personified. One can find a decent variety of pearl bracelets. One also spots women wearing pearl bracelets with pearls on either side of a small, gold or diamond plate, something that bears resemblance to dainty, feminine wrist watches. A pearl ring might complement a pearl bracelet brilliantly but desist wearing too many of them as doing so will destroy the subtle stylishness which one expects when while choosing to wear pearl jewelry of any kind. Again, pearl bracelets should be narrow width-wise, not more than a couple of centimeters as very broad bracelets might look like detached halves of a pair of handcuffs.