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Pearl Necklace

Pearls Necklaces are a classic piece of jewelry. Looked at for decades as one of the most eloquent types of jewelry, the right pearl necklaces can truly make any individual shine. A pearl necklace is the embodiment of classic sophistication and timeless elegance. It is said that of all the pieces of jewelry in the world, a pearl necklace is the only thing that a woman should not be without. And that’s obvious, for it goes with a variety of outfits, from casual day wear to formal evening attire. Depending on the type of pearl and color, there are various styles of pearl necklace suitable for women of every age-group. Pearl necklaces are typically divided into seven lengths: Bib, collar, choker, princess, matinee, opera, and rope. * Bib: Consists of several strands of pearls of varying lengths. * Collar or Dog Collar: Consists of multiple strands of pearls worn high on the neck. Very popular during the Victorian era, and making a bit of a comeback now, they are 12-13 inches long. * Choker: Similar to a collar, but is worn somewhat lower on the neck and is 14-16 inches long. * Princess: Essentially the "classic" length for a pearl necklace, lying slightly below the neck. A versatile necklace, that can be worn with many different styles of neckline, and is 17-19 inches long. * Matinee: Traditionally worn for semi-formal occasions, works well with suits and dresses, and is 20-24 inches long. * Opera: Generally worn at formal occasions with evening dresses. The pearls should fall below the bust line. To be worn during the day in less-formal settings, the strand can be doubled over. The Opera necklace is 30-36 inches long. * Rope: This is the longest of all pearl necklace styles. It can also be doubled, as well as knotted. Some rope necklaces have multiple clasps, which allow it to be broken down into shorter strands. Rope necklaces are over 36 inches long. The price of a pearl necklace depends on the quality of pearls, their size, roundness, sheen and thickness of the nacre. Saltwater pearls are generally more expensive than freshwater ones, which are cultured. Pearl necklaces are available in various colors in the market such as light hues of blue or pink, cream, ivory as well as black. Black pearls are very expensive, since these are so rare. A pearl necklace does not require a lot of care. The most advisable thing to do is to wear it often, because if it’s stored away for long periods of time, it will dry up and lose its luster. The body’s natural oils will help keep the pearls looking lustrous and fresh. It is also important to avoid having the pearls come in contact with substances such as hair spray, body spray or body lotion, since these can adversely affect the pearls’ color. According to Chinese folklore, pearls are the tears of a dragon. In Roman mythology, they are the tears of Venus. No matter what, the popularity of the pearl necklace has never waned both among ordinary people and Society’s elite. The elegance of the sight of a pearl necklace gracing the neckline of a woman, whether she’s a celebrity or not, is simply awesome.