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Pre-Stitched Saree

Pre Stitched Designer Sarees: the latest fashion statement for Indian Women You can have your saree made into a pre-stitched saree that can be worn as a skirt. Pre-stitched sarees makes saree wearing a one step easy process. These sarees are draped in such a way, just like putting on a skirt. It’s a skirt with stitched saree pleats at the centre worn over a petticoat without the fuss of tucking, pleating, and adjusting the pallav length as they are already set in the centre to make you feel more comfortable and easy in wearing it. Petticoat is worn separately and it is not stitched with saree. This easy to wear, pre-stitched saree can be worn by any body without the bother of actually draping it. It comprises of pre-stitched pleats and the wearer just needs to wear it like a skirt and drape the loose end of the outfit over the shoulder. The blouse however is worn separately and part of the pre-stitched saree. These sarees are best suited for people who have no knowledge of draping this outfit which could include foreigners or Anglo-Indians settled abroad, working ladies who prefer to wear a sari to work but face time constraints or any woman who is influenced by Indian fashion. Pre-stitched pleats are becoming very popular as they are easy to drape, the pleats are even and there is no excess fabric tucked into the underskirt therefore making the silhouette of the wearer slimmer and more sophisticated. Any saree can be made into a pre-stitched saree, by just paying $15 extra (including petticoat stitching charges). You can opt and pay for this option on the saree product page. It takes approximately 15 seconds to slip into the pre-stitched sari, and saves one the hassles of getting the pleats right as in a regular saree. It takes 7 to 10 minutes to drape a normal saree. The saree is stitched in a way that one cannot differentiate between a normal and pre-stitched saree once it draped.