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Punjabi dress

The Punjabi dress is the traditional dress of men and women in the Punjab region. The exceptional clothing of Punjab shows the vibrant and dazzling lifestyle and culture of this region.  There are many types of punjabi dresses. Names of Punjabi dresses- Kurta, Salwar Suit, Punjabi Tamba and Kurta, Kurti, Pothohari Suit, Chola, Choga, Punjabi suthan suit, Punjabi Ghagra, Patiala salwar, Saraiki salwar suits, Punjabi ghuttana, Churidar pajama, Angarkha, etc. Some of these dresses were worn in the old time and the tradition of some dresses has gone from ancient times to modern times. Modern dresses have made these dresses even more beautiful and attractive by the designer. These dresses are now worn in Punjab not only in Punjab specially these dresses kurta, kurti, salwar suit, Patiala salwar, churidar pajama etc. phulkari is used in most of the Punjabi dresses. Phulkari work means flowers work.  In Punjab there is not only flowering but also many types of work- all types embroidery work, kundan work, Gotta pati work, moti work, printing work etc. These works make Punjabi dress even more beautiful. Men’s dresses in punjab are also attractive. In Punjabi, ‘kurta’ and ‘jeans’ and ‘kurta’ and ‘pajama’ are worn with it. Nowdays everyone is passionate about designing their own clothes. The tradition of Punjab is spread throughout india. Punjabi dresses are the choice of all the people of india, not only the people of india, out of the country also like this traditional dresses. Nowdays, Punjabi dresses have got some look. Designer is making the beauty of Punjabi dresses even more unique. Punjabi dress for a man is done in this way turban on the head, kurta pajama and Punjabi juti in the foot. Punjabi dress for a women is done in this way salwar kurti with dupatta, Punjabi chura, Punjabi jutiya. Punjabi dress shows the beauty of the country.