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Punjabi Wedding Suit

Brides dream of the dress they will wear on their wedding day. A salwar kameez is usually worn if the bride are from the Sikh religion. One traditional Indian dress which is winning hearts across the globe is Panjabi Suit. It was through Punjab that Salwar suit found its way to India and hence people in Punjab and northern India often refer to Patiala Salwar Kameez as a Panjabi Suit. Certain colors are more auspicious in certain religions and very specific garb is considered true bridal wear. Punjabi Suits are often very colorful with vibrant resham embroidery, rich work and golden lace. Punjabi Suits feature a Patiala style Salwar too with many pleats, and is paired with tight fitted short Kurta and a beautiful Dupatta with extensive border. Over the years, Punjabi suit have gone through many changes depending upon the prevailing fashion trends but the traditionally styled fancy Punjabi suits still continue to be timelessly appealing. Party wear salwar suit in georgette and crepes are most loved designer wears among Indian clothing lovers. Punjabi’s are well known for their best clothing outfit & that’s salwar kameez. They wear various styles & patterns in Punjabi salwar suits. A Punjabi bride usually has red and white bangles on her hands known as chuda and signify her status as a married woman. Punjabi Suit is famous for its comfort and look not only in India but all over the world.