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Saree Fabric

Chiffon Sarees
Sarees in Chiffon fabric makes an elegant wear both for the everyday wear and evening wear. Bandhini prints are based on ancient regional Indian designs are used on chiffon sarees. Chiffon sarees with resham work done on them increases the beauty of a lady. Gold metallic embroidery increases the look of a chiffon saree.

Cotton Sarees
Cotton sarees made from cotton fabric are lightweight sarees. It can be worn at festive as well as daily wear. Cotton as Indian saree fabric is easy to wash and iron. Different colors make these cotton sarees exciting. Cotton sarees are worn by office-going Ladies also.

Crepe Sarees
Crepe, a thin fabric of crinkled texture, woven originally in silk but now available in all major fibers. There are two kinds of crepe. The hard-finished, typically dyed black and used for mourning (which tends to retain the old spelling crape), is made of hand-twisted silk yarn and finished by a rather complex trade process after weaving; the soft crepe include the Canton, or Oriental, weaves in plain or damask weaves.

Georgette Sarees
Georgette sari is a traditional wear with class. Exclusive georgette saree is essentially a party wear and a festive wear. The look of georgette fabric can be multiplied by Zardozi or embroidery work. The soft and shimmering georgette sari is widely used as the dress for women.

Silk Sarees
Silk is one of the most precious gifts of the nature. Silk sarees are most exotic and sensual. Silk sari is a smart fabric sari. A women's wardrobe is incomplete without a silk saree collection. If you are looking for quality fabric, please give a look on our saree catalogue where you can find Indian saree fabrics in different patterns and colors including all verities of georgette fabric, chiffon fabric, crepe fabric and silk fabrics.