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Stud Earrings

Stud earrings worn by both men and women are simple yet attract the eye. Unlike danglers and jhumkas, studs are much more convenient to wear yet less in fashion. However, these days stud earrings are indeed gaining a lot of popularity among both men and women. Also stud earrings are available in all possible colors. Undoubtedly, a great variety of designs are readily available. Some stud earrings are round and oval while others have either dolphins or flowers or stars made on them. Some young girls (mostly school going girls) wear immensely tiny stud earrings, and they truly look like mini bindis. Also many gift galleries like Archie’s, Hallmark etc. have ample variety of stud earrings. And for long these places seem to have captured a wide market. Whether it is artificial stud earrings or gold or diamond ones, the punch line is that it makes a lass look graceful and debonair. Apart from women, even men of present era are not lagging behind when it comes to being fashionable. They have indeed started wearing stud earrings. And without having any second thought, these men look stylish and smart. Thus it can be rightly said that accessories like stud earrings unfailingly makes one look elegant. And these days it is seen that stud earrings seem to have become a vital part of the attire. And with earrings. Every dress seems to look complete in it. So the fame given to stud earrings is quite justified and it adds an altogether new dimension to one's outfit. Other Types of Stud Earrings: Though often we think of metal ball studs or gemstone stud earrings, there are other styles of stud earrings. These include symbols such as: love knot, flowers, butterflies, and celtic knots. In fact most symbols can be found on stud earrings. You can express yourself any way you desire. Benefits of Stud Earrings: Stud earrings are great because they, in general: * Provide a simple fashion statement * Don't get caught in one's hair * Are comfortable even when talking on the phone * Can be worn by both men and women * A great for people with small children as there is nothing to "tug" * Are classic pieces of jewelry so they stay in style Stud earrings are fun, carefree and comfortable.