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Winter Salwar Kameez

In Winters Indian girls and women wear salwar kameez with bright colored dupattas. A salwar kameez has two pieces of cloths: the kameez, or shirt or top piece, and the salwar, or pants or bottom piece. A duppatta is a piece of colorful cloth that women wear around their necks. Winter Salwar kameez's and dupattas come in a variety of colors and designs. In winter, both women generally wear a woolen shawl, a small blanket, around their necks. November is the first month of winter and it is the time for women to figure out their wardrobe for the winter. The top designers tell what’s hot for winter season. Silk winter wear salwar suits with heavy embroidery. The isothermal properties of silk are the reason to keep warm in the winter and cool in summer. Women should wear long trousers and a conventional kurtas. When touring, avoid revealing tops, short skirts and all but the baggiest shorts. A set of loose-fitting warm fabric salwar set is a good investment. Relaxed trousers suits in cotton khadi that’s cool in summer, warm in winter. With ample gather for easy movement. Women can wear winter wear salwar suits with a woolen shawl, a small blanket, around their necks.Bandana in colorful Kutch prints. Nomadic essence reminiscent of the Pushkar fair. Puff-sleeved Jacket over kameez. Velvet patchwork with leather trimmings and brocade. Flaunt your knits and cashmere. Enhance knits with crystals. Jackets and tops with 70s-style puff sleeves are back, with a difference Stretch knit dress with digital print. Hint of Swarovski crystal woven into the pattern. Chunky belt set with turquoise offset by red knit styled as headgear. Knit fabric Churidaar. Fitted to enhance shape of the legs. Boots with stilettos Stilettos kolhapuris. Enhanced with gold braid. Double layered Quilted silk jacket with a single button. You may wear a bikini top underneath. Headgear: crushed silk stole in matching colour.