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Designer Lehengas

Rich exclusive Lehenga Choli range is extremely popular due to its superiority, intricate design and latest pattern. Fashionable Lehenga Choli is all about trendy work, fantastic cut as well as floor-length version, a beautiful Designer Lehengas portrays attraction and regality. Designer Bollywood lehenga is generally adjusted to the waist and consist of different types of excellent craftsmanship that has catapulted it to be one of the most prominent ethnic wear in market.

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    Exquisite Engagement Lehenga


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    Ravishing Triple Shade Lehenga


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    Ravishing Light Pink Lehenga


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    Glowing Reception Lehenga


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    Exclusive Sangeet Lehenga


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    Stunning Banglori Silk Lehenga


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    Gorgeous Combination Lehenga


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    Aesthetic Black Lehenga Choli


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    Spectacular Wine Lehenga Choli


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    Magnificent Lehenga Choli


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    Dazzling Velvet Lehenga


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    Amazing Light Orange Lehenga


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The versatility of Designer lehenga

The designers of India has given a whole new look, to the traditional wear of India. This was done not only to facelift the traditional wear but also to make it appealing to all the masses. If you look at the dresses, the designer lehengas you would not only find glimpses of the traditional lehengas here and there but also the mix and match of different kind of traditional lehengas.

For instance take the long kurti lehengas, these are actually inspired from the traditional wear of Indian gypsies that move around. They wear these long kurtis with their skirts that are higher from the ankle. In the similar manner the anarkali lehenga is the amalgamation of anarkali shirt with the lehenga giving it a totally new perspective. These are good examples of how one can take ideas from the surroundings and create new things. Thinking out of the box always does not mean to create something from the scratch. It also means taking the very common things and making something out of it that no one thought can be done with it.

That is what our designer Lalit Khatri has also done. Taking inspiration from the Rajasthan culture he has curate a collection of designer lehengas that the young generation would like to have in their collection. The crop top lehengas, the anarkali lehengas, the soft pastel shade designer lehengas, designed in jacquard net, silk and other fashion fabrics make them a piece of art. You can shop for them here at the online store of Bharat Plaza. We have put together the collection especially for you to shop from. You never know, if you get and be showered with a offer or may get a special discount offer. So don’t think twice and come and shop for the designer lehenga collection that you may not anywhere else!