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Saree - An Indian Ethnic Fashion Wear

Saree is a traditional drape in India which is worn by a woman on all occasions. Indian women wear Saris to flaunt their style on different occasions like Wedding, Engagement, Sangeet, Parties. Saree is also used to wear for casual occasions and as office dressing. We have huge collection of Sarees online on our web store. You can buy a Sari of your choice in any style, design, pattern, colors and fabrics. An Indian Bride look sophisticated and elegant in a Bridal SareesWedding SareeDesigner Bollywood SareesParty Wear SareesTraditional SareesCasual SareesLehenga Saree, and Silk Sarees. Be fashionable by draping a Indian designer Saree from our exclusive collection. We have customers from many countries in abroad including USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Fiji, Mauritius and many more...

  • NEW Resplendent Cotton Silk Saree

    SKU : SPBS1006

    Resplendent Cotton Silk Saree

  • NEW Prodigious Golden-Green Saree

    SKU : SPBS1004

    Prodigious Golden-Green Saree

  • NEW Outstanding Cotton Silk Saree

    SKU : SPBS1002

    Outstanding Cotton Silk Saree

  • NEW Amazing Orange Cotton-Silk Saree

    SKU : SPBS1009

    Amazing Orange Cotton-Silk Saree

  • NEW Delightful Magenta-Blue Saree

    SKU : SPBS1007

    Delightful Magenta-Blue Saree

  • NEW Innovative Firozi Saree

    SKU : SPBS1005

    Innovative Firozi Saree

  • NEW Vivacious Maroon Saree

    SKU : SPBS1003

    Vivacious Maroon Saree

  • NEW Flattering Green-Pink Saree

    SKU : SPBS1010

    Flattering Green-Pink Saree

  • NEW Wonderful Navy Blue Saree

    SKU : SPBS1001

    Wonderful Navy Blue Saree

  • NEW Stylish Orange-Green Saree

    SKU : SPBS1008

    Stylish Orange-Green Saree

  • NEW Remarkable Golden Saree

    SKU : SPBB1004

    Remarkable Golden Saree

  • NEW Prodigious Peach Saree

    SKU : SPBY1010

    Prodigious Peach Saree


For the Love of the Sarees

Ladies love to dress up and Sarees are one thing that is very ‘in’ nowadays. Did you know that sarees are available in different materials and also draped in many different ways. Sarees have a history of its own. Saree has been worn since 1800 BC in the Indus Valley. Probably, it is the only unstitched cloth that is still adorned by the women with so much love and style.

With the changing times though there has been change in the way the saree is worn, but that has not finished the traditional style. Saree is available in different textures cotton, silk, organza, crepe, georgette to name a few. Sarees are available in plains colours, embroidered and as well as printed.

Today not only the Indian designers but the world celebrated designers are also taking interest in this 6 yard long cloth piece as a fashion statement creation. The Indian designers like Manish Malhotra, Lalit Khatri, Ritu Kumar, Sabyaasachi Mukerji not only has made the dress famous all over the world but has also designed the saree in various ways. There are different forms of sarees apart from the traditional sarees that has been made famous by the designers. These are divided in various categories like the Bollywood designer sarees, half stitched sarees, Gown Sarees and many more.

And the best part is thanks to all the designers who love their culture; you need not have to go to different nook and corner of India to get the sarees. You can buy sarees online itself. Websites like Bharat Plaza brings a collection of sarees that will make you drool. The irresistible collection by this online store is to make you feel connected to the Indian roots and introduce you to the beautiful attire of India, the Saree.