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Casual Saree

This is a story about the long embroidered dress. A dress that is loved by everyone and why shouldn’t it be loved! The dress that makes you look elegant sometimes and sometimes casual, The dress that makes you look like a princess is worth a praise. Coco Chanel once said, ‘in order to be irreplaceable you need to be different.’ The long dress has been in fashion for a long time. It all depends on how you carry it. You do not need any scientific research to know the fact that a dress worn by two different people will make the dress itself look different.

  • NEW Lustrous Casual Look Saree

    SKU : SANB03

    Lustrous Casual Look Saree

  • NEW Ornate Look Cotton Silk Saree

    SKU : SANB01

    Ornate Look Cotton Silk Saree

  • NEW Radiant Purple Saree

    SKU : SANB04

    Radiant Purple Saree

  • NEW Tempting Self Designed Saree

    SKU : SANB02

    Tempting Self Designed Saree

  • NEW Fascinating Printed Saree

    SKU : SANB9503

    Fascinating Printed Saree

  • NEW Delightful Casual Saree

    SKU : SANB9510

    Delightful Casual Saree

  • NEW Pleasing Grey Color Saree

    SKU : SANB9501

    Pleasing Grey Color Saree

  • NEW Imperious Georgette Saree

    SKU : SANB9508

    Imperious Georgette Saree

  • NEW Mesmerizing Casual Saree

    SKU : SANB9506

    Mesmerizing Casual Saree

  • NEW Admirable Casual Saree

    SKU : SANB9504

    Admirable Casual Saree

  • NEW Remarkable Red Saree

    SKU : SANB9502

    Remarkable Red Saree

  • NEW Graceful Orange And Red Saree

    SKU : SANB9509

    Graceful Orange And Red Saree


Saree as a Casual Wear

Saree is not something that one wears on some occasion. It is something that can be worn on normal days as well. The Indian women wear sarees in the day to day routine as well. You may find at least 60 percent of the Indian females who do their daily chores wearing a saree.

The sarees that are worn on daily basis are usually designed in light materials, so that they are easy to carry/ wear. The casual sarees fabric varies from chiffon, georgette to cotton. And it is not only that, the sarees that are designed for casual wear when said in cotton, there are various options in a cotton saree itself that can range from the print to the texture to the amount of embroidery, everything.

Again there is a variation on the type of sarees that are worn by the women for daily chores depending from state to state. Like the ladies of Rajasthan wear sarees made from chiffon or from georgette material. The sarees are light and easy to carry, with little bit of thread work or maybe simply prettily shaded. The ladies from Bengal love to wear cotton sarees. The way they drape their saree is also very different.

At our Indian online store Bharat Plaza we have a collection of casual sarees that you will definitely fall in love with. The sarees that we have will make you buy even if you have come for a glimpse. We have added the casual saree collection with the motive to let the world know that the saree can be worn as a day to day wear as well. Shop for the best collection of sarees from our online shopping mall, we assure you that you will not find the collection better priced than us anywhere else online.