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Silk Sarees

Weddings are made in heaven, Our Vast South Indian Silk collection is just the way for the Brides making the wedding time MEMORABLE!! So Bharatplaza has come out with all type of Silk Sarees like Handloom Kanchipuram, Banarasi Sarees, Pure Apoorva Silk, Kanchi Silk with special embroideries, Crepe silks with value added handwork of stones sequins and shimmering crystals, Kundans. HOPE THIS COMPLETE COLLECTION AT ONE PLACE WILL SERVE THE SOUTH INDIAN BRIDE AT A GRAND LEVEL. So enjoy Shopping the traditional way. Sarees for Wedding from Bharat Plaza is popular in many parts of the world including USA, UK.

  • NEW Breathtaking Designer Saree

    SKU : SAF10175

    Breathtaking Designer Saree

  • NEW Royal touch Festival Saree

    SKU : SAF10173

    Royal touch Festival Saree

  • NEW Extremely stylish Silk Saree

    SKU : SAF10171

    Extremely stylish Silk Saree

  • NEW Flattering Wine Silk Saree

    SKU : SAF10178

    Flattering Wine Silk Saree

  • NEW Fantastic Silk Saree

    SKU : SAF10176

    Fantastic Silk Saree

  • NEW Stylish Grey & Red Silk Saree

    SKU : SAF10174

    Stylish Grey & Red Silk Saree

  • NEW Eye-catching Silk Saree

    SKU : SAF10172

    Eye-catching Silk Saree

  • NEW Isolated Light Green Saree

    SKU : SAF10179

    Isolated Light Green Saree

  • NEW Beautiful Red & Golden Saree

    SKU : SAF10170

    Beautiful Red & Golden Saree

  • NEW Tempting Orange Color Saree

    SKU : SAF10177

    Tempting Orange Color Saree

  • Excellent Grey Color Two Tone Silk Saree.

    SKU : SIWF70208

    Excellent Grey Color Two Tone Silk Saree.

  • Beauteous Grey And Violet Color Shaded Silk Fabrics Saree.

    SKU : SIWF70206

    Beauteous Grey And Violet Color Shaded Silk Fabrics Saree.


The most loved Silk Sarees

When we talk about sarees, the first material that comes to our mind is silk. We have always thought the sarees are designed and worn in silk. It is true but it is not entirely true. Apart from silk the sarees are designed in many other fabric materials like the cotton, crepe, chiffon, georgette, net just to name a few.

The variation that is available in silk sarees is also not less though. There are many types of silk sarees as well. The very famous are the kanchipuram silk sarees, the bagalpuri, the bandini, the Banarasi, the tanchoi. These sarees have the glamour of their own. The kanchipuram saree, spelled as kanjipuram is one of the traditional south Indian saree. The sarees are weaved from the mulberry silk thread. The saree is pretty heavy weight and comes in bright colours with different kind of weaves like the temple border, the motifs and paisley prints all done in zari.

Banarasi sarees are also one of the traditional Indian silk sarees. It gets its name from the city Varanasi, which is generally called Banaras. These sarees are considered to be one of the richest silk sarees that one can have in their collection. The work of silver and gold thread, called the zari along with the weaving of brocade is that makes it so special.

We are not just naming the silk sarees here, we are just letting you some insight so that you know how important it is for you to have some of these precious clothes in your collection. Don’t think any further and shop here with us for the exclusive collection of silk sarees here on bharat plaza, the only Indian online store that gives the best choices at the very reasonable prices that you can ever think of.

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